Daily               Weekly             Monthly*

      Premium Lakeside                    $ 65                  $ 399                  $ 1,029

      Pull Throughs                             $ 69                  $ 429                  $ 1,099

      Pine Forest                                  $ 59                  $ 369                  $    979

      Perimeter                                    $ 55                  $ 339                  $    849


                                                        Daily                   Weekly             Monthly*

                                            Sun-Thu   Fri-Sat

      Premium Lakeside      $ 55          $65               $ 359                  $    899

      Pull Throughs               $ 64          $69               $ 399                  $    969

      Pine Forest                    $ 54          $59               $ 335                  $    849

      Perimeter                      $ 45          $55               $ 299                  $    719


                                                        Daily                  Weekly             Monthly*

                                            Sun-Thu   Fri-Sat

      Premium Lakeside      $ 45          $55               $ 299                  $    799

      Pull Throughs               $ 49           $59              $ 319                  $    899

      Pine Forest                    $ 39           $49              $ 259                  $    699

      Perimeter                      $ 35           $45              $ 239                  $    599

  Additional guests over 4 are $5 each     

See below for site descriptions         

Note: Rates do not include state and county taxes of 7.5%.

FYI: Most other area parks charge tax rates of 13%

Call (251)233-7250 for booking information or to find out more about Ahoy RV Resort. 

(Rates are subject to change and do not apply during special events and holidays.  Please call to check rates for specific dates.  Thank You!)

* Metered electric rates are added to all monthly rentals


Site Final with landscape and
Premium Lake Rougaroux Sites

Our premium sites are on the banks of Lake Rougaroux.  Pull-in and back-in sites are available so no matter what type of rig you bring, you'll have a great view of the lake.  Kick back and watch water activities or grab your choice of water craft and join the fun.  Keep your eye out for our very own real live blued eyed Rougaroux!  (that's a swamp monster for all those who don't speak cajun)  Don't worry, he doesn't bite.

Pull Through Sites

Our pull through sites provide more than just an easy place to park.  No need to unhook your tow here.  These sites are large enough to park you rig, tow, and car, or rig and two cars.  The are conveniently located near the clubhouse, lake and most of the park amenities.  Larger patios can accommodate all your family and friends and are located on the Southeast side of the site to provide good shade from the late afternoon sun.

Pine Forest Sites

These  sites abut our pine forest and provide great morning shade.  Great for the early riser types.  Don't worry, though, we've place the patios on the northeast side of the lot so you don't get baked in the afternoon.  You'll have to come to the pool for that. These angled sites can accommodate whatever you can back in up to 70 feet.  

Perimeter Sites

Our perimeter sites offer all the same luxuries as the premium sites just not lakeside.  In most cases lots are deeper and can accommodate large rigs with trailers.  Whatever you choice of toy, bring it!  Be it bikes, boats or any motorized vehicle and we will be sure to find you a great spot.  Sorry, we cannot accommodate most airplanes.